Is Tap Water Safe For Bathing and Showering? What’s the Truth?

There are no two ways about it. That tap water is not safe for drinking, is a known fact now. But is tap water safe for bathing and showering? If you are not drinking the water, can it still cause harm to your health? Let’s find out.To know the answer to this question, first let’s quickly go through the contaminants that you can find in tap water.The biggest contaminant in our water is a chemical added in it to make it safe for drinking! This chemical is chlorine and is used as a disinfectant to kill the bacteria in the water. It is pretty effective too while the water lies in the reservoirs of the water company.But what happens when this water passes through the old, rusted pipes of the distribution network? These pipes are themselves loaded with all kinds of bacteria and other germs and contaminate the water again.When you shower in this water, you are directly exposed to all these harmful microbes. The heavy metals present in the water do not pose a risk as long as you are just using the water for showering and not drinking it without filtering.But the chemicals like chlorine are still a threat to your health. These chemicals evaporate while you bath and then you ingest their vapors unknowingly.Any other chemicals present in the water like pesticides and herbicides can also add to the cocktail of vaporous chemicals that you are inhaling while showering and can cause serious health problems.So, what’s the solution?
There are two ways you can handle this risk.One – You setup a shower filter that purifies the water while you bathe. This is a pretty effective and quick to way to purify the water supply in your bathroom. Of course, you would already have a separate water purifier in your kitchen to purify your drinking water too – Doesn’t make sense to bathe in clean water and then turn around and drink contaminated water.Two – Instead of opting for separate filters for your bathroom and kitchen, you opt for a whole house water filter. This type of purifier is installed at the point where your house is connected to the water supply, and purifies the water at its entry point only.The obvious advantage of this setup is – you do not need to buy separate filters for each bathroom and the kitchen. Just one filter to take care of them all is enough.So, is tap water safe for bathing and showering? No. But you can make it safe by filtering it first. Go now and find out a good filter for your home.